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Warranty Terms and Conditions

Baltacioglu Engineering is distinguished from its rivals by its high quality service. The high quality of our production allows us to give you one (1) year warranty period. We produce the best quality transmission spare parts for public buses and spare parts for Champion&Volvo Motor Graders.

We are always at your disposal. Please feel free to share with us all your problems, thoughts and feedback about our products. You can claim for restitution or we can send a new product to you during the warranty period.


There are some points that you need to know about our warranty terms and conditions. Please take into consideration the following articles:

 - The electronical parts aren't covered by the warranty.

 - Baltacioglu Engineering isn't responsible for faults caused by improper use or improper installation.

 - If the shipment insurance is arranged on customer's request and the product gets damaged during the delivery, we cover the full cost of the lost. Therefore, we request you to state if you would like to insure the shipment.